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Battening Down Hatches

The forecasts are predicting our first snow flakes next week, so it’s a good thing I spent part of last weekend winterizing the coop. I cleaned it out good, installed a water de-icer and also installed 4 marine-style tarps to the outside of the run to prevent snow from blowing in and to reduce drafts over the winter. I took some measurements a few weeks back and ordered some custom sized heavy-duty polyester tarps from MyTarp.com. It was really reasonable from a cost standpoint. When I got them home I installed stud-fastener grommets instead of typical brass tarp grommets. This will allow me to easily open up a tarp for a rare warm winter day and also ease taking things off easily in the spring.

Here’s what they look like installed. It wraps the lower half with four separate tarps, one in the back, one on the door and two for the sides, which wrap around the front of the coop.

I went with white because it will let the most light through and my hope is the coop will disappear into the landscape a bit once we have snow on the ground.

A close up of the stud fasteners. You’ll see these a lot on boats. They’ll make removing and installing the tarps a breeze going forward.

The big news is that our two Red Sex Links started laying regularly two weeks ago. Now the three Black Australorps better get a move on it.