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The Resilient Gardner, by Carol Deppe

The Resilient Gardner, by Carol Deppe

Spring is in the air, almost, and I’ve been reading lots about agriculture lately, researching what varieties of plants grow best in my climate. The best-written resource I’ve read lately is The Resilient Gardener, by Carol Deppe. She’s fiesty and opinionated (don’t get her started about her bad back), but I’ve never read a book about gardening before that was written with such wisdom, passion, and command of subject matter, all delivered in a tone that feels like a conversation with a neighbor over a fence on a cool summer morning. Her insight is scary and her methods practical. The only issue with the book is that it’s all based on her local climate in maritime Oregon, so the knowledge it contains doesn’t directly transfer to Southeast Wisconsin. Her approach however is what I will emulate.

Her insight is scary and her methods practical.

For resources closer to home, I just stumbled upon an amazing collection of publications provided by the UW-Extension system. It’s a huge selection of freely-downloadable PDFs on everything from growing grapes and tomatoes, to raising goats or chickens. You can purchase hard-copies, or just download them as needed. Very handy and makes me proud that my tax dollars are going towards such valuable resources.

Enough reading for now. I’m headed out to plant the first lettuces and spinach of the season.


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