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Reclaiming Stones Past Cast


The creek on our property is seasonal. In the fall through spring it’s a downright torrent at times, but in summer, there are periods when it dries out, as shown above. When it does, there is a ton of flagstone that is exposed. I think the prior owner dumped a couple of tons worth of old patio in there. This summer, I dug up a couple hundred pounds of it to use for a flagstone walkway to the chicken coop. There’s plenty more for future projects too. I’m thinking fire pit next summer.


Laying out stone is maddening at times, but with some patience it all falls into place. Here it is before I dug it all in.


The near-final result. The stone is set in on about 3 inches of gravel. I re-seeded it all for a grass-joint finish. Now my feet won’t be covered in dew every morning when I walk to the coop.


One thought on “Reclaiming Stones Past Cast

  1. This seems like the best way to perseve grass that is always walked on. I am just confused on how to get the rocks to actually stick. How far should we put them into the ground.

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