We all have favorite resources, sources that we trust implicitly. Here are some of mine.


  • Seed Saver’s Exchange – The motherlode for heirloom seeds. I had a chance to visit their farm in Decorah, IA in 2013. Amazing organization and group of individuals.
  • Bountiful Gardens – A great source for open-pollinated, non-GMO seeds.
  • Johnny’s Selected Seeds – Great organization with a wide range of seeds and also some great tools.



  • Backyard Chickens – I have chicken questions. They have chicken answers. All of them.
  • MyPetChicken – Where we bought our girls from. Great place to order small quantities of poultry from.
  • The Garden Coop – Our coop is based on this design. You could do worse than to start here.


  • Build it Solar – An amazing site with countless resources focused primarily on energy efficiency and solar energy projects.

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