Up until now most of our work has been outside. This winter we finally started tackling some interior projects as well, other than replacing water heaters and other fun necessities. Right before we bought the place the seller had installed brand new, near-white, cream-colored carpeting. With two young kids, the carpeting didn’t stand a chance, especially in our dining room. So, last weekend, with a bit of help from my dad, I ripped out the carpeting from the living and dining rooms and installed cork flooring. It was a ton of work, including undercutting our limestone hearth with a jamb saw outfitted with a masonry blade. It was a disaster zone, so my wife took the kids and went out of town for the weekend. I managed to finish the job and have everything nearly back in place when she walked in the door on Sunday. This is how it turned out…

Build, Shelter

Put a Cork In It